0 kcal doesn’t mean transparent calorie.
It can be anything less than 5 kcal / 100ml or 100g.
0 exists as if she does know something.

Shes work on experiments to adjust opacity of things around hers from 100 to 0
and 0 to 100.
Always shes can find the very exact opacity for each object.

She found one glass box in inbox.
There was jelly without fruits.

Agar agar (0)    Kanten (30)    Gelatin (70)

She bought one umbrella at a convenience store.
She can read through the umbrella how many calories that jelly has.

Blue (0)

She wears body mist.

which she likes (116)   which she thinks they like (249)

She prepares skincare products for travel.
She forgets which one is for what.

remover () toner (≠) lotion

She cooks with liquid artificial sweetener.

corn syrup (0)   gum syrup (192)

She likes to drink flavored water.

orange (=) grapefruit (=) raspberry (=) lemon (=) peach (=) pear (=) strawberry
() forest fruit

Written by Minami Nishinaga