Večerní přednášky pro veřejnost, místnost 115

Umění, věda a filosofie II, Od umění za jeho hranice

Bradley McCallum will speak about the role of memory and portraiture as a vehicle towards social action in selected works created during the past 15 years. How does an artwork that develops from a very specific cultural and political framework that is site-specific, transition beyond its original context? How does the passage of time, or the distance of a political moment change the ways in which we identify the poetics and politics of a given artwork?

Bradley McCallum (*1966) has exhibited globally, seeking to surface and discuss issues revolving around marginalized members of society. His work, which moves fluidly between large-scale public projects, performative sculpture, painting, photography, video and self-portraiture, challenges audiences to face issues of race and social justice in communities, history, and the family. During the past decade McCallum has worked collaboratively with Jacqueline Tarry, as McCallum and Tarry. Embedded within this work, whether it is of an historical, personal, or civic-based nature, is their standing as an interracial team. McCallum and Tarry is represented by Galerie Nordine Zidoun in Paris and Luxembourg and Nichido Contemporary Art in Tokyo. McCallum holds an MFA from Yale University.

Přednášku organizuje Karel Císař